Christian Nørgaard Storm Pedersen


I am the director of the Bioinformatics Research Center (BiRC). I am also affiliated to the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University. My office is at the Bioinformatics Research Center in on the 3rd floor in building 1872.

I am the head of the teaching committee for the Master's degree program in bioinformatics at Aarhus University. Take a look at this page, or the study portal for bioinformatics for more information.

My main research interests are algorithmic aspects of bioinformatics and machine learning. I also teach classes and supervise students in these topics. Take a look at:

List of publications.

List of classes that I have taught.

List of students that I have supervised.


Bioinformatics Research Center
Universitetsbyen 81, Building 1872
Aarhus University
DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Office: 1872.349

E-mail: cstorm[at]
Phone: +45 2778 2810